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Non-surgical facelifts is a trend among Hollywood celebrity circles.  Clients that do seek surgical facelifts, may look years younger, but a growing nose from aging can be addressed by Lorre’ Springsteen’s microcurrent service to shrink the nose muscle to enhance a more youthful appearance.  Microcurrent scientifically addresses depression, anxiety, mood swings, which lifts your spirit too.

Lorre’ Springsteen does travel to locations in the L.A. area to provide services individually or beauty parties are booked with make-up techniques included.  Los Angeles is an image conscious environment.  Woman bonding is a necessary to empower their confidence these days (#MeToo).

L.A. facial specialist performs services on Men that know their professionalism in grooming gives them a subtle advantage, especially with weekly facial waxing.  Men taking the time to focus on their looks is an action to demonstrate that they care for themselves to be capable of caring for their relationships, both personal and professional.

It is recommended that clients keep a Lorre’ Springsteen budget included in a weekly/monthly routine, because working out the face muscles, benefits all areas in life.  The face is your calling card, especially in Hollywood.

Lorre’ Springsteen is a licensed “Esthetician” and certified ‘Life Coach’ to create inner beauty daily.  She has a calm and soothing voice to generate this vibe in her clients.  Lorre’ Springsteen is a role model to everyone that encounters her socially or professionally.  Lorre’ Springsteen touches people’s lives inside and out by tuning up her clients; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pricing for Treatment Session

Miss Springsteen is Mobile or Clinic or Salon sessions pricing is
$160 – $300 an Hour and
$1500 – $2500 Packages Recommend
(Gift Certificates Available)